The digital transformation of the livestock export industry.

The livestock export industry is on the cusp of a digital transformation. LiveCorp is developing practical tools as well as a wider strategy, to extract maximum value from data being collected to inform management decisions, regulation and research.

Data is an increasingly important part of both the public policy and corporate worlds. It offers the potential  to provide insights into patterns and trends, and to drive improvements and transparency. For the livestock  export industry, data collection is also a regulatory requirement. 

LiveCorp has recognised the need to create a clear structure and framework for data collection, storage and  management to ensure it is consistent, meaningful and comparable, and provides the opportunity to extract  maximum value for the industry. 

In the first instance, this is about creating practical tools to streamline regulatory functions and reduce costs.  

LIVEXCollect is a data collection system developed to provide a standard way of recording and reporting  conditions and animal welfare observations and treatments on livestock carriers. For the first time, it will also provide industry with access to the data being provided to the regulator by stock handlers and vets on the  vessels. 

A programmed Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet will be used to collect the data, which will be uploaded to  the secure LIVEXCollect database. It will then be available for analysis and, under strict privacy  arrangements, displayed to the data owners via dashboards as graphs and tables.  

At the beginning of any major shift – including from manual to digital processes – it is important not to go  too far too fast. LiveCorp’s strong understanding of the practical elements of the industry, and close  relationship with its members, allows it to focus on areas with the greatest impact and then work with  exporters to explore future opportunities. 

When it comes to data, ownership and access are big questions. Significant work has taken place to plan and  develop the governance framework for LIVEXCollect, including terms and conditions of use, security and  administrative procedures.  

LIVEXCollect is the flagship of a wider data strategy, designed to bring together information collected across  the supply chain – including farms, ships and research projects. The ultimate aim is to allow analysis of  trends which can help industry to demonstrate its performance more effectively, and inform policy and  regulation as well as future R&D.