Feedlot education and training: A top priority for the lot feeders industry.

A strong partnership between Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is delivering on the Red Meat 2030 priority of ensuring people see being a part of the red meat industry as attractive, now and into the future.

The Australian Feedlot Career Development and Training Strategy is placing a strong focus on facilitating growth in the feedlot workforce and improved capabilities. The four-year strategy aims to revolutionise the feedlot industry, via the provision of seven projects ranging from developing an industry specific leadership program, to creating and making available comprehensive lot feeding training courses to all Australian lot feeders.

The primary aim being to attract, retain and grow the capacity of the feedlot workforce and guarantee the continued success and vitality of the lot feeding industry into the future.

The overarching output will be a nationally available online training and career development platform, where career pathways and training are made available to all levels of feedlot employees and individuals.

Feedlot TECH (acronym for Training, Education and Careers Hub), will be the ‘one-stop-shop’ online training platform for all feedlot-specific training, industry information, career opportunities and networks, and is in development stage.

Feedlot TECH will incorporate a ‘shop-front’ website, with comprehensive career pathways that facilitate current and prospective employees, to seek opportunities and connect to a ‘directory’ of recommended training and professional development prospects.

A training portal that provides online, industry specific training developed by ALFA and MLA will also be available from the website. This will cover high priority education areas such as quality assurance, environmental management, animal health and welfare, biosecurity and production practices.

The training developed will be highly accessible on site, practical and easily transferred to real-life work scenarios, ensuring it is relevant and instantly useful to both businesses and employees alike.

The Feedlot TECH platform will allow individuals to see a career path in and through the feedlot industry, understand the wide variety of opportunities available to them and be able to access the training and professional development, to progress their careers and achieve fulfilment in the red meat industry. This will facilitate growth in the feedlot workforce and improved capabilities, allowing us to deliver the Red Meat 2030 initiatives for the lot feeding industry

This will encourage business improvement through high level leadership and support emerging lot feeding leaders by matching them with appropriate and skilled mentors, assisting in providing our industry leaders with the skills to drive businesses development and production to meet the growing demands of domestic and international consumers.

ALFA and MLA are excited about the possibilities and national impact of this strategy and are driven to see it succeed, in supporting and advancing the people in the feedlot and wider red meat sector.

Delivering a dynamic, engaged and skilled workforce will guarantee the continued vitality of the lot feeding industry and ensure our collective efforts are realised in our quest to achieve our RM2030 initiatives.