Red Meat 2030 is for the Australian red meat and livestock industry, applied to the whole red meat supply chain.

For ourselves, our 10 industry partners, and our 80,000 businesses. Red Meat 2030 clearly articulates where we want to go for the community and for decision makers.

It is a unifying strategy for industry with the purpose of:

  • Identifying whole-of-industry priorities
  • Supporting our people to deliver priorities
  • Informing our research and development
  • Putting our customers and consumers at the centre of everything we do
  • Coordinating industry investment and advocacy, and
  • Adapting to a changing world.

Over a 5 year period it represents up to a billion dollars in investment.

Red Meat 2030 was developed in two stages, defining the industry’s intent and current state, following by the future state and strategy build.

Red Meat 2030 was shaped through a process of extensive analysis, interviews and workshops. Emerging themes and programs of work were tested at regional workshops/focus groups and webinars across Australia. Specific numbers include:

  • 12 workshops
  • 6 focus groups
  • 3 webinars
  • 10 site visits
  • 14 in-depth interviews
  • 6 other industry engagements

A number of iterations of Red Meat 2030 were considered by the MISP partners, leading to the final product industry can be proud of.

Red Meat 2030’s success will be guided by the following principles:

  • Improving collaboration and connection across the industry and externally.
  • Recognising and promoting our social purpose.
  • Enhancing the sustainability of the Australian red meat supply chain
  • Investing in our capability and capacity
  • Customer and consumer-centric
  • Building trust and respect through the supply chain and with our customers and consumers
  • Supporting innovation and early adoption.

The red meat industry is extraordinarily complex, Red Meat 2030 itself has 10 partners.

The decision making principles should guide the investment and policy decisions for our 10 partner boards, and also their employees on a day to day basis.

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