Australian red meat will double in value and deliver $57 billion in growth to Australian agriculture by 2030, more than half the government’s target, according to a plan released today (16 October 2019). Independent Chair of Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC), Mr Don Mackay, said the plan, Red Meat 2030, will double the value of the industry sales by 2030.

“Red Meat 2030 sends a clear message to our businesses and employees, our consumers, our decision makers and the community-at-large that despite ongoing challenges of drought and anti-meat activism our industry is here to grow and prosper.”

“A 2030 doubling of total value of red meat sales would total $57 billion, exceeding the share of the Prime Minister’s $100 billion-dollar target for Australian agriculture. We ask that governments come to the table with policy and investments that enable this ambitious nation building vision.”

“To our decision makers, we say we are an industry heavily committed to better outcomes for the Australian people, the environment and livestock – help us remove unnecessary red tape – improve market access and reduce the $1 billion dollars lost to the Australian economy through the imposition of technical trade barriers.”

Red Meat 2030 is an industry-led 10-year plan to create profitable, environmentally sustainable and customer focussed red meat businesses.

Mr Mackay said industry is leading the way to achieve sustainability and climate change mitigation goals and it was time all governments lifted their performance in this area. “To our consumers, we will aspire to deliver you the highest quality product of choice, a true superfood recognised for the vital health, nutritional and environmental offerings our product provides. Our red meat in 2030 will be carbon neutral and have the absolute highest standards of animal welfare, traceability and biosecurity.”

Mr Mackay said that through the 10-month national consultation process, industry had agreed to a progressive new way of delivering Red Meat 2030.

“With Red Meat 2030, we will invest in our people first to enable adoption of best practice through a compulsory percentage of project funding being allocated to a dedicated outreach program. This will

ensure that our regional farming, export and processing businesses and levy payers get the first-mover advantage from our industry and government funded research.”

“We have also committed to further serious reforms including formation of a single integrity organisation and delivering the six priority areas of the plan through a new collaborative model of industry-led Taskforces across the supply chain.” “This is a substantial change up to how we operate because we know in order for us to achieve our 2030 vision, we must do things differently and collectively.”

“This collaboration premium will result in more value for Australia’s 80,000 red meat businesses as well as pioneer amazing eating experiences for our customers in Australia and worldwide and secure ongoing political support.”