AMIC activity with the Launch Into Work program.

In late 2018 AMIC commenced working with the then Federal Department of Jobs and Small Business on ways to assist members in attracting and recruiting suitable staff for the meat industry.

One specific program available at that time was the ‘Launch Into Work’ initiative, which is a pre-employment program, co-designed with the department, that provides training, work experience and mentoring to support job seekers to increase their skills, experience and confidence and secure ongoing employment.

Eligible applicants were job seekers registered on the Jobactive, Transition to Work and Parents Next Government programs.

If they successfully complete the pre-employment program, then the business must provide the applicant employment in their establishment.

During early 2019 AMIC organised a number of engagement meetings with interested members from all sectors of the membership (i.e. retail, smallgoods manufacturers and meat processors) to confirm their interest to participate in the program.

Due to the requirement to have at least 10 applicants in order to run the program in a particular site or geographical area, it was decided to run pilots at three particular processing sites. Two in Victoria and one in NSW.

The initial stage involved the creation of a project plan that was tailored to the particular worksite, which included in the co-design process and project delivery. 

The pre-employment program can run for 4 to 12 weeks, but was usually around 4 to 6 weeks in duration.

The Department was responsible for sourcing these workers, with the business involved when it was at the next stage to determine suitability and interest in the meat industry.

Unfortunately, only one of the pilot sites was successful in getting a sufficient number of applicants for the pre-employment program. They were also successful in getting almost all of the applicant’s transition over into an employment position with the business.

More recently, AMIC is working with the Department of Employment, Skills and Education (DESE) on what is called, PaTH Business Placement Partnerships, which will involve the creation of a meat industry workforce solution using existing Federal Government funded employment programs such as Youth Jobs PaTH and Transition to Work, in order to move more young job seekers not the industry.